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Opening New Scenarios for Human MAO Inhibitors

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 2 ]


Celeste De Monte, Melissa D'Ascenzio, Paolo Guglielmi, Veronica Mancini and Simone Carradori   Pages 98 - 104 ( 7 )


Despite the considerable interest in the search of new and potent human MAO inhibitors, an increasing number of research works deal with new therapeutic and analytical approaches regarding these molecules. Our interest was focused on the detailed analysis of (i) new pharmacological options for selective hMAO inhibitors; (ii) innovative analytical procedures to discover/screen hMAO inhibitors, and (iii) the recent possibility of using labeled hMAO inhibitors to unravel neurodegenerative diseases and drug distribution. All these three aspects could open new scenarios stimulating the interest of researchers in this field.


hMAO inhibitors, alternative therapeutic options, neuroimaging, liposome capillary electrophoresis, smoking cessation.


Department of Pharmacy

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